The PLUG choir

Positioning Statement

Pure Love Uganda children’s choir strengthens communities by providing professional choral training to the children, and by offering programs that are innovative, collaborative and accessible to the community. Pure Love Uganda provides a valuable training ground for young singers to bridge cultural and social concerns and by so doing fosters diversity understanding. PLUG children choir speaks with a strong and unified voice to increase the recognition of choral singing as an essential part of our society.


  • To provide young people with a performing arts experience that sparks imagination, inspires creative thought, encourages cultural understanding, and fosters a lifelong passion for the arts.


  • Developing creative thinkers’ conscious of the world and their place in it.


  • Builds and promotes children’s talent, through sports, music and games
  • Awareness about understanding the importance of having good and smart friends

The program for pure love includes

Ages 3 years to 18 years and over and strives to enrich children's lives in three core areas. Spiritual Formation and Growth

  • Children will grow in their knowledge of scripture and the great stories of the Bible as they experience the love of God through music dance and drama.
  • Children will develop the ability to participate actively and intelligently in worship and to find satisfaction in worship experiences.
  • Children will have the opportunity to model "the body of Christ" as they combine and share their musical talents and abilities in the organization.

Musical Skills

Children will learn the following musical skills as appropriate to each Child’s age and developmental stage
  • Good singing habits and vocal technique
  • Body movement to a steady beat (Dance)
  • Read, play and create music
  • Understand musical terms
  • Play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, and xylophones
  • Move expressively and respond creatively to music
  • Understand the role of music in the context of worship

Personal Growth

  • Children will improve social skills as they interact with other children and adults in the organization setting.
  • Children will learn to use their talents and skills in ways that help others.
  • Children will expand their creative ability and grow in their faith using God's gift of music and dancing.

Our obligation is to help Uganda’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Uganda tomorrow

From Rags to Riches

From rags to riches is a dance theatre production created by Pure Love Uganda. It’s an annual edutainment concert with an insipirational background, and Different themes and acts each year. It allows the Children to showcase their special talents and it allows them to improve on their talents as well, they to learn learn new dance and singing skills from the best music and Dance teachers in Uganda and USA. It also a dance theatre production that promotes the values of Christianity. In all the scenes children actors show how God can raise one from the dust and make them important people to the community.

Piano Lessons

At Pure Love Uganda we create opportunities for the children to Interface with professionals and receive hands-on training. Beverly Braumuller- Hawver of BeverlyB School of music USA, at Pure Love Uganda mission house to offer a piano beginners’ course. PLUG children’choir completed level 1 c-major position chords, ties melodic intervals and staccato

Love from a Pure heart

Pure Love Uganda prohibits discrimination or harassment against any member. Staff, volunteers, and members will provide equal treatment and access to educational programs, services, and aid without regard to gender, ethnicity, cultural background, familial status, physical characteristics, or linguistic.

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