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PLUG background

Pure love Uganda is a child support organization from Uganda, which deals with helping the most vulnerable children of Uganda today, to help other important children tomorrow, with a keen orientation towards health, education, peace, performing and creative arts. Through our friendship and partnership with various professionals, we have been able to provide comprehensive school support, food, health care, creative skills training and basic accommodation for numerous orphaned and less privileged children from the streets, slums and other such poor communities.

In 2011, a self initiative project was carried out in the biggest slum areas of Katanga, Mulago and Kamwokya, to teach families about water hygiene and sanitation. And he carried out Dance workshops, Vocal training classes, and Daily devotions for all the children of ages 3 years to 13 years. families were taught how to clean and maintain clean healthy toilets with local cleaning materials like dry banana leaves and ashes, keep the drainage areas clean and deal with polythene papers, because these seemed most hazardous in the densely populated areas, where one toilet is shared by over one hundred families and drainage areas had been turned into garbage collection centers thus breeding areas for germs and mosquitoes.

Frequent visits were made in slums each visit made, he wouldn’t go empty handed. He would take the children basic needs like food, used clothing, school dues and sanitary towels for the girls.

During the 2years of the project, Pastor Samba Isaac aka Zak was introduced to many families and he discovered there were also many pregnant mothers in the above areas who needed to attend antenatal and postnatal care. This prompted the project to include volunteer midwives, who attended to such mothers and who later helped deliver a number of babies.

In November 2012, Zak introduced a dancing competition dubbed Dance Heaven at Miracle Center Cathedral (MCC). Any group of dancers of youthful age from all over the country would participate in this competition which was aired on Channel 44. Since the youth of these areas were already acquainted with Zak and were aware he congregated from the same church, they contacted him to help them join the competition and win 5 million Uganda shillings prize that was at stake. Participating in the competition involved intense training as a group and it was such a time that Zak realized that most of these youth were either school drop outs or children who were supposed to be at school but have not gotten the chance, even after the introduction of Free Primary and Secondary Education in Uganda. This is when the thought of helping such youth and vulnerable children was birthed.

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In conclusion a number of children were selected from these particular slums, and formed Pure Love Uganda as a Family. Later in April 2015 a mission house was opened in (Busega Masaka road Kitaka Zone) a Kampala suburb. The Mission House is where children stay and carry on different activities as mentioned like music and dance classes, bible study and devotion classes. And have access to clean water, hot and nutritious meal, attend school, and get medical attention.